We know it has been a tough year for the world. We have seen so many hurting, but we have also heard of many positive stories of people helping others. One of those stories comes from our distributors in Guatemala, Water4Life Global. Immediately they took action to help those in rural communities in Guatemala that have been severely impacted by the health and economic hardship from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many families were already living in poverty and thus had no means to prepare for a lengthy quarantine and the catastrophic impact it would have on their lives. The unemployment and rising market prices caused by the country’s quarantine catalyzed an increase of famine before the virus even threatened the communities. Water4Life Global decided to help by putting together “Give 4 Health” Care Packages in collaboration with Familia Utz Corazón and Konojel.  Each of the packages included a VF100 water filter, a month’s worth of essential food and natural sanitation products.

Over the course of a few days, hundreds of filters were distributed. Families were split into different days based on the barrios or neighborhoods they were from. They would go to the 5 minute education session where they learned about the importance around clean water, how to use the filter, and then how to use the sanitation products. After they received the education and filter, they would go and collect their fruits, vegetables and natural sanitation products. Families were given the option of receiving a filter or not. The first day there were only about 40 families who took a filter, however the following day the remaining ~250 filters were distributed. It was obvious that word spread of the filters and families were really interested in getting their own.

It’s always amazing to hear of the impact of the VF100 water filters around the world. Great partners like Water4Life Global are able to identify needs quickly and take action. If you are interested in bringing clean water to those in need, check out our water filtration products. We have a wide range of solutions to fit your needs.

Would you like to see more of Water4Life Global’s work? Check out their video that showcases the need for clean water in the rural Guatemalan communities.



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