We all know this year has been challenging, but it has also been amazing to see people come together to protect each other from the coronavirus. One of our partners in Lesotho, Solar Lights, did just that by protecting their employees with an Aquatabs solution for sanitizing surfaces. 

With a heart for their employees, they work to fulfill their mission of building a sustainable and livable Lesotho for everyone. They strive to empower Lesotho’s society and protect our climate and our environment. In order to do this, they distribute stove cooking sets, solar lights, water filters and water treatments. These products help them to sustainably develop their local communities as well as protect the environment. 

As the coronavirus swept around the world, Solar Lights knew that they needed to protect their engineers. They wanted to allow their team to continue to work to make a living as well as stay safe and healthy. As they searched for a solution, they learned that the Aquatabs that they were already distributing could be used to make a sanitizing solution. 

By dissolving one Aquatab in 100mL of water, a sanitizer solution is created. This solution is able to sanitize surfaces for a lower cost while also reducing the amount of plastic waste created by regular bottles. Solar Lights quickly took action to protect their team and created enough sanitizer to stop the spread of the coronavirus. They were able to put their employees first even through a pandemic and ensuring no one contracted the virus.

If you would like to purchase Aquatabs to create a low cost sanitizer, connect with us. We are happy to partner with you to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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