The longest river in the world, the Nile, has humble beginnings in the small country of Burundi. From a landlocked country in East Africa, the Nile River crosses 4,130 miles of various terrains and touches eleven different countries. 

As this country is the source of the great Nile river, it will also be a new source of clean water. Business Connect is partnering with Amazi Water who are working closely with the government of Burundi to bring clean water to those in need throughout the country. Their mission is to “develop a national water strategy with the goal of providing sustainable access to clean water for every Burundian community by the end of 2028.” To succeed in this mission, they will be using our VF100 Home Filter.

Over the years, this filter has been used around the world, providing thousands of people clean and safe water. We have heard personal stories of lives being changed by the clean water. Children are healthy enough to attend school again and mothers now have more time back in their days. Millions of hours have been saved through access to clean water at home, instead of walking miles to the nearest water source. This is the power of a VF100 Home Filter. But in order to ensure we were providing a high quality filter on such a large scale in Burundi, Business Connect and Amazi Water together reached out to the World Health Organization to do additional testing.

As a result of their tests on the VF100 Home Filter and the VF200 Pre-Filter, WHO certified both filters as exceeding their standards for targeted protection to provide clean and safe water in the home. Through further testing, our filter was given an additional certification that it is effective with turbid water which other targeted protection treatments do not receive. The VF100 Home Filter is also the first hollow-fiber membrane filter of its kind to be certified by WHO.

With this news, many more doors are opening to help those in need around the world. As the spring of clean water grows, the newly certified VF100 Home Filter will allow a great mission to be accomplished in partnership with Amazi Water, the Burundian government, Business Connect and our network. They were happy to see that the World Health Organization is standing behind the VF100 Home Filter, making it a great choice for their project. Their project, at the source of the Nile, will also be the source of positive impact around the world. As we gain momentum, even more people will receive access to clean water.

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