How did you first meet your significant other? Maybe it was because of mutual friends or a social event? What about a water filter? We actually heard from a young couple in Kenya that met because of one of our distributions in the Mukuru Slums.

Joshua Mutua, a young man who plays keyboard at a local church for the last seven years, was among the men who found employment as a Kohler Clarity distributor in the slums. He began working with the pilot project in September 2017 and then started doing door to door distributions at the start of 2018. As he visited each house, he began meeting a variety of different people, sharing about the benefits of clean water and educating them on how to use the water filters. One of those people was a young lady named Veronica. She was busy working in her hair salon when Joshua stopped by. He explained the benefits of the filter and she asked him to bring her one for her customers in two weeks time. Yet before those two weeks were over, the Kohler Clarity filters were sold out due to unforeseen demand and distribution abruptly stopped.

A few weeks passed until another shipment of water filters was received, but Joshua did not forget the sweet Veronica he met at the hair salon. Once work resumed, Joshua delivered the filter to Veronica’s Beauty Salon and as the saying goes, “the rest is history.” They fell in love and began spending more and more time together. A little over a year later, they were married in a colorful wedding with blessings of their parents and community. You could call it a water filter wedding!

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