A unique opportunity we have at Business Connect is to hear the many stories of our partners in the field. We enjoy hearing of their creativity and passion to get more water filters to those in need. Recently, we had the privilege of hearing a story from one of our partners.This organization was created after the founder heard the shocking statistic that “Every 20 seconds a child dies in the world from drinking unsafe water” and decided to take action. They have continued to grow and add new programs to their work. 

One of those programs is in partnership with Hope of Life International, who works to rescue babies who are close to death from malnourishment. These babies live in remote villages along the mountainside near Llano Verde, Guatemala. There are thousands of families that live in the mountains without access to medicine, doctors or transportation. With these conditions and unclean water, babies get diarrhea which leads to them not being able to keep the little food they eat. In order to rescue the babies, Hope of Life sends 5 scouts out each day to bring babies and their mothers back to the health center where they can receive care.

Our distributors at Water4Life Ministry saw a unique opportunity to partner with the Hope of Life team to provide water filters to the families. In order to do this, each week the scouts fill their vehicle with filters and buckets. As they visit different homes, they leave a filter and bucket as well as teach the families how to use the filter. This enables the families to live healthier lives and will hopefully reduce the amount of babies needing rescue. Check out the video below of a recent water filter distribution in partnership with the Baby Rescue Program.

Water4Life Ministry has seen many communities impacted by water filters and knows this will also positively impact the baby rescue program. With this mind, they plan to continue to send 1,000 filters each quarter with hopes to send even more in the future. We love how they use their creativity to help new groups of people in need and continue to provide clean water around the world. Do you have a unique idea that you would like to partner with us on?

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