As we work around the world, we have the privilege of working with a variety of different organizations. One of those organizations is Water4Life Global in Guatemala, which partners with local businesses, health centers, and schools to provide clean water technology to communities in need. Additionally, they believe in empowering local women to take lead on the filter distributions and continue to share the importance of clean water for health and the environment, within their communities. 

The organization is led by Jenna MacEwen and Nikki Appleton who live part of the year in Guatemala working hands-on and the other part in California to plan and organize sponsors and funding. By living in Guatemala, they build more trust with the locals as well as increase their understanding of the immediate and long term impacts of the filters in each community. 

Because of poor infrastructure, pollution, and unregulated water, 95% of the water in Guatemala is not safe to drink. Diseases caused by water contamination are widespread and have led to Guatemala having the highest child mortality rate of the Central American countries. With most of the bodies of water being completely contaminated and the lack of government funding to help aid this problem, it is up to the local communities to drive change. 

In addition to disease, lack of clean water causes other health issues. Common to local Guatemalans, families consume drinks containing much sugar as they feel water can be more harmful than beverages such as Coca-Cola, due to water’s high levels of contamination or unaffordable pricing. By providing clean water, Water4Life Global helps to provide long term health solutions for a country that is facing high rates of diabetes and other compromising health issues. 

Each VF100 filter can provide 500,000 gallons of clean potable water and hundreds of families will gain access to clean drinking water for years to come, avoiding disease, malnutrition and economic damage to many communities. 

Water4Life Global has distributed over a thousand water filter units in over two dozen villages, continuously returning to the villages to provide more to the community and check up on the filters that are already in use. 

Recently when they visited the communities, specific families were excited to share that their once severely ill children are now miraculously healed, after filtering their contaminated water source. Additionally, another community expressed how effective these household filters were for them when the government water source remained off for days, which is a common occurrence. The community came together in support of each other, to share a contaminated well water source and began filtering the water for safe use for members of the community. The strong influence that these Village Water Filters can have in such impoverished areas, creates an opportunity for substantial change.

As COVID-19 has affected people around the world, Guatemala has also been affected. In response, Water4Life Global has launched a campaign to provide care packages to those who have been severely impacted by health and economic hardship. If you would like to support them in this work, connect with them here

Their future goals include the expansion and collection of more water-related data, specific to each individual community that they work with. They strive to go beyond a “one-size fits all” ideology and truly provide the best solution based on the contaminants from each local water source. By creating community involvement and leadership, their goal is to truly give the power back into the hands of the people. At Business Connect, we agree that by empowering local communities we can make the biggest impact and are looking forward to this continued partnership with Water4Life Global. If you are interested in partnering with us, send us an email at Together, we can make a bigger difference around the world.

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