It seems like new distributors are joining our network every day as we reach new people groups with our water filters. A recent addition to the Business Connect team is an organization called HandClasp located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The HandClasp Foundation is a non-government Thai organization that assists local Thai citizens with community development and disaster relief projects. The organization works mostly with people living in the hill tribes of remote areas as well as refugees that have fled from other countries to Thailand.  In addition, they have an extensive agricultural training program with multiple levels where farmers can start small and then expand their businesses to include more aspects of farming, with the support of HandClasp. For example, a farmer might begin with growing corn, then add another crop, then chickens or pigs, and so on.  The organization is led by Dr. Thomas Bohnert.  He and his family have lived in Thailand for 13 years and his fluency in the Thai language is a great asset!

As HandClasp built relationships in the local communities, they found that there is a big need for safe and clean water within the hill tribes. Many of these areas get their water from mountain streams which often become contaminated, especially during the rainy seasons. Realizing this need as well as believing that they had the capacity to expand their entrepreneurial development programs, HandClasp decided to partner with Business Connect. They had already been using the VF100 filters themselves, so they knew this would be a valuable aspect to add. They plan to come alongside independent agents who will be starting their own businesses selling water filters in the rural communities.  

In addition to adding the water filters to their entrepreneurial program, they will be distributing them to international NGOs that Business Connect already supplies in other countries. HandClasp also plans to include custom branded Water-to-Go filter bottles into their volunteer program, with more than 200 international visitors coming to help them each year.

We believe that this dedication and creativity will make HandClasp a very successful distributor. We are looking forward to seeing the impact they have as they bring clean water to local communities and empower entrepreneurs to create new businesses. This sustainable approach gives hope to those in need and increases the impact of HandClasp’s work. These are the values that Business Connect focuses on, to be Purposeful with People through Products and Profits;  Creating Hope through Business.

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