We are always encouraged to see the positive impact of our local distributors. They come up with the most creative ideas to distribute even more clean water products around the world and help those in need. Stories of uber drivers selling filters, mule rides to reach rural villages, and teachers providing for their students always pour in through emails, WhatsApp messages and Facebook posts. These are the stories that make us excited for the future and show us the benefits of investing in leaders in local communities. Just this week, another story was shared by one of our distributors. 

Meet Aimable, one of our first Business Connect distributors, who began selling filters in his local community in Rwanda. Over the years, he created a network for distribution that reaches across East Africa. He has seen the great impact of clean water over and over again, selling to families, health centers and other Non-Governmental Organizations in his community, helping groups distribute thousands of filters with in-home training, and even consulting with other organizations to share his knowledge. As a distributor, he is able to provide for his family and help others stay healthy through access to clean and safe water. In addition to these things, he continues to find more ways to help those around him.

As you may have heard, Rwanda has been experiencing heavy rain and dangerous flooding. This has caused damage to communities and contaminated water sources. Realizing these communities need clean water to stay healthy, Aimable quickly stepped in to help. He organized a campaign on Facebook to leverage his network, sharing the story of those affected by the flooding. This provided others with the opportunity to be a part of his work and have a positive impact in the lives of these people. He is a true champion in the work to provide clean water to those who need it most. 

If you would like to support him and other distributors, please follow our partner Connect for Water and their Angel Alliance Fund.

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