In order to have sustainable impact on the water crisis, we believe that businesses have to be the driving force. One of the keys of success for a business is innovation. A new idea can earn an entrepreneur a profit and encourage him to continue providing value to his customers. 

An innovative idea was just what Raphael needed to take his business to the next level. He works as an Uber driver, bringing passengers through the busy streets of Nairobi, Kenya to their destinations. The bing of a notification tells him of another person waiting for his services. He drives over and smiles as they get into his car. Enjoying small talk, they make their way to another part of the city. They come to a stop and the passenger happily thanks Raphael and he waits for another notification.

This might seem like a full-time job, but Raphael had another idea. He had heard about the Kohler Clarity Filter and thought this was a business opportunity that he could not pass up. He began handing out product flyers to his riders and talking about the need for safe, clean water. His small talk turned into powerful moments to make an impact in the lives of others by sharing this information. Other drivers began to see his success and joined his team. Raphael even bought a Kohler Clarity Filter to use for himself so that he could share his own testimony of the product.

With dreams of expanding his water filter business, he hopes to soon purchase extra stock so that he can always have a filter in the car to sell at a moment’s notice. His innovative idea to combine his work as an Uber driver with his desire to provide clean water solutions has lead to more people enjoying the benefits of clean water. This is the power of business to drive sustainable change in the midst of a water crisis. 

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