We are a business with a huge heart for impacting the world.  A majority of our water filter products are distributed through mission agencies and volunteers of all stripes and stories.  Although we are men and women of faith, we really do not know the stories behind the pictures we often see. This one might interest you. 

We just received this story from Liberty, a young lady who works for one of our collaborating partners.  She has been our main contact person when they purchase water filters for their many implementing partners on the ground around the world.

This warrior came out to greet us when we went down into the valley to work on the drill rig in West Pokot. Our translator told us that the markings on his arms and chest signified that he had killed many Turkana people in his young life. The Pokot people are known all over Africa to be some of the hardest, most ruthless warriors. It was actually so sweet. After a little while, he warmed up to us and ended up trying to help us start the generator at the drill site. He hid his weapons somewhere and changed into some normal clothes…a tshirt and a beanie…perfect for 90 degree weather, right? 

I had been asking the Lord to direct our steps and show us who he would like us to give our Treasure and filter to that we had brought. Toward the end of our time at the drill site, I asked our translator to help us facilitate a conversation with the warrior. He had him gather his family together to hear what we had to say. Surrounded by a small crowd of 13 eager Pokots, another team member and I tag teamed sharing the Gospel with the warrior and demonstrating the water filter/explaining the need for it (they had been dipping their cup into the nastiest water and drinking it while we were there). At the end of our conversation, I challenged him to make a decision and told him that we would be so happy to pray with him and his family.

He said, “If there is a God that can purify me like this filter is purifying this water-I want to know Him.”

All 13 of them prayed with us to receive Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit! We gave him a Treasure and a water filter to share with his family and shared about our new church plant in the area so that they could get connected. Hallelujah! Pretty priceless experience for this girl who’s usually behind a computer or telephone back in the States!

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