We all know some of those people.  Every year they make a trip to some exotic location or volunteer in a country that we have no personal knowledge or experience with.  I wonder what is it that draws them, repeatedly, to make this trip. I know many such people. I was one of them.

Last week, I met someone for the first time.  She too is a world traveler. Her name is Joanna.  She flew in from Baltimore for an International Association of Better Business Bureaus for a conference here in Grand Rapids.  She was retained as their official professional photographer. Jeff and I spent about six hours with her on Saturday showing her our water filter products, strategy, and facilities.

When one of our distributors found out she was going to be in Grand Rapids, he suggested she take a day to meet us.

I asked her what captured her interest working with one of our clean water partners.  She said it was on a trip to Cambodia. It was watching the people respond. The women laughed, giggled, and joked as they tasted the clean and safe water coming through the filter for the first time.  It was the spontaneous joy of others that captured her spirit. 

That experience was enough.  She now volunteers and brings dozens of people to semi-annual fundraising events that provide clean water solutions for people around the world.  However, it is not just the experience, but it is bringing others along who also then embrace this experience. As in everything, the exceptional becomes mundane and routine regardless of how important and impressive the experience was.   What never seems to fade is seeing others become involved, excited, and passionate. It is for that reason so many international travelers never travel alone. They want to relive the excitement of discovery and joy through the eyes of the new travelers.  She is a master of introducing people to this opportunity, whether it is to volunteer, travel, donate, or be engaged in some other way. Retirement does not get any better than this and she is only thinking about retiring to work full time in clean water projects and by inference Business Connect.  We are so grateful for her and her heart.

What are you engaged in?

Lou Haveman, Founder of Business Connect

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