For every 1,000 live births in 2017, 61 of those children died before the age of five. One of the largest contributing factors to child mortality in Burundi is exposure to unsafe drinking water. For children, exposure to waterborne illnesses is one of the leading causes of child mortality in the developing world.

This comes down to a lack of access to wells and filters. To help address this problem, Business Connect is partnering with Think East Africa to provide the entire country of Burundi with access to clean water.

What does that look like? Think East Africa made it their mission to implement a long-term solution to Burundi’s often forgotten struggle for clean water. Their goal is that by the end of 2028 Burundi will have the infrastructure, through the creation and distribution of wells and water filters, to provide everyone in the country with access to clean water.

Think East Africa is working to identify key places in communities across the country to drill and lay pipe for a communal water source where families can come to collect water. The water can then be filtered to ensure that it is safe to drink and use. This allows for families to avoid hiking miles and miles for water, as well as have filters to guarantee the water they collect is safe. 

In 2017, the World Health Organization reported that 44 percent of the poorest residents in Burundi lack basic access to water. With this amount of people in the country living without without this access, the potential growth in local communities is limited. Local economies can’t grow unless people’s basic needs are met.

For Think East Africa’s project in Burundi, maintaining a community-driven focus is of the utmost importance. They have based their operations for this project in Burundi, in an effort to get their team acclimated to the Burundi culture and the needs of its people. This makes the overall mission of creating the infrastructure for water to become accessible in communities across the country possible. With this mission in mind, they plan to drill over 3000 wells and distribute 100,000+ water filters.

Business Connect prides itself on creating these partnerships with local distributors because they understand the culture and true need of clean water. That is why Business Connect is taking its locally sustainable approach to solving the clean water crisis and partnering with Think East Africa to reach those in desperate need of clean water with the tools that provide access to it for years to come.  

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