Water filter training in Maratane Refugee Camp1Can you imagine life without safe water? For 650 million people it’s a daily reality. Without access to clean water for drinking, cooking and cleaning, people are more likely to suffer from water-related diseases. These diseases are often fatal to young children, killing over 1,400 children a day.

Water is central to these challenges. Our lives and livelihoods, and that of all other living creatures, depend on water. Without it we cannot sustain a productive economy, live healthy lives or produce food, energy and other basic necessities and commodities.

World Water Week (#WorldWaterWeek) is a week long meeting that was held in Stockholm this week and featured both water and sanitation-related issues as well as the vital role businesses such as Business Connect plays in addressing them.  As the theme for this year’s program highlights the importance of “Water for Development” —  you have seen how this is at the root of what we do as we impact people living in developing countries through our international distribution network. We inspire, teach and mobilize women, young people and individuals to create their own small business bringing life-enhancing clean products to their communities and villages. But we can’t do it alone.

Development is about making people healthier, wealthier, better educated and more water secure. This is what the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are aiming for. As people gain access to basic services and move away from poverty, they will in parallel develop a higher capacity to cope with climate change. In other words, climate change adaptation and development go hand in hand.International adaptation finance must, therefore, focus on ensuring we meet the SDGs in a way that is robust to climate change. This means that people’s most basic development needs – such as access to sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services – are met before money is spent on narrowly defined adaptation projects such as drought-resilient seeds or raising existing sea walls.

Help us develop a world where access to clean and safe “green” products is a reality. Contact us today for more information.

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