People:  We want hard evidence!  We know the products we market around the world bless people, improve the quality of their lives, increase the chances for a healthy disease free life…but can we prove and document it?   Through a local program managed by the United Methodist Church in Haiti we randomly selected 150 families who have agreed to be a part of a study.  Half of the identified households are the control group.  All the households have agreed to give us baseline information on their income, health status, and their children’s formal academic participation and level of performance.

Ulrick with Ezy Char stove

Products: By creative means, patience, and persistence we have been able to import high efficiency charcoal stoves, solar lights with a USB port for charging cell phones, and our Sawyer water filter; three products to impact health, family economics, and ability to increase study time for the kids.  Total cost of these products would retail for $123.77.  The identified households have agreed to pay for these products at a subsidized price which means they have a vested interest and also gives us a good cross section of the community.

Partnership: A number of people have made contributions giving us the means to do the education, shipping, tabulating our baseline data, and the anticipated follow up surveys over the next two years.  All the work on the ground is being completed by our local partner.  Vern Hoffman has been very instrumental in raising the funds to make this happen.  I want to thank him but just as important to THANK EACH of YOU who have made $40.00  to $5,000 gifts.  We continue to seek more donations.  Good intentions are not good enough and we want to make sure that is so everywhere.

 Best,  Lou

distribution in HaitiDistribution of Ezy Char stove

Ulrick is distributing the new Ezy Char stove in Haiti sold by Business Connect:  Less charcoal – more heat, less smoke – more health


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