Most of you have a vague idea of the Sawyer Point of Use Water Filter.  Up until recently we did not sell the products in any significant degree.  Our job was to find local Representatives who would assemble the product, market it within their country and region, and in some cases deliver it and educate people when we had large sales and mass distributions.


Two weeks ago I was in Thailand to do exactly that.  These pictures represent some of the steps to make that happen.  See below.


Meet our new Representative.  His name is Shan Sornprommas.  He is married to Malissa, an American lady from California.  He has two sons and one daughter.  Two of his children are in the modeling industry.



One son is still in high school.  He is native to Thailand, comes out of the Buddhist faith, was a practicing monk for four years before becoming a Christian.


He has used a Sawyer filter for over a year and is convinced of its value.  I met him through a mutual contact.  Here we are doing a presentation to the Chaing Mai North Rotary Club.




Our single largest customer which is an NGO (non-governmental organization) around the world is Compassion International.  They just made their second largest purchase in Thailand of 1,110 filters.  We provide two buckets for each filter.  They are being delivered to Compassion’s Rak Niran Child Development Center for assembly.

Representatives from the International Church Partners of Compassion came together for training, encouragement, and a full143
demonstration on the use and maintenance of the filter.  Shan is speaking and a local person is translating to the local language.  Notice the two buckets and the gravity flow filter with a tap on the bottom clean water bucket to insure clean and safe water.

A team works together to put the knock down component parts together.  They are counted, packaged, and then, on site, assembled with the bucket.  We are working hard to maintain inventory wherever the product is sold.  We want this to be an ongoing sustainable enterprise.


Shan checks a Sawyer Water Filter Bucket Kit.  Notice he is proudly wearing a Sawyer T-Shirt that says, “Water is Life!”


At present we have 45 people like Shan around the world and are working hard to reach 60 before the end of the year.  Your words of encouragement and prayer have helped us achieve this.  Thank you!




“Pain makes you stronger, tears makes you braver, heart-break makes you wiser, so I thank the past for my better future!”

 Benardine Tomno

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, notes, and support in the critical effort to implement clean and safe water around the world.  Give one of the greatest gifts imaginable – the gift of safe water.  It’s hard to believe that 1.1 billion people still don’t have safe water.  Thank you for the special gifts for water filters received over the holidays that have been given out.



Business Connect works closely with Partners Worldwide creating a sustainable business model.  As an affiliate of Partners Worldwide you can purchase a water filter for someone with a tax deductible gift to Partners Worldwide.

Go to the Partners Worldwide website, click on the large orange DONATE NOWbutton.  Once you are on the donate page, scroll down to Gift Designation and choose Type: Support a Partnership, then in the next drop down box: select Worldwide Water Projects.   We look forward to implementing your wishes.  A check to Business Connect would not be tax deductible.

     Lou & Jan 

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