Jan has reminded me to write.  Here are a few highlights, bullet pointed so I can be concise yet comprehensive.  The top ten news stories of Business-Connect worldwide:

  • We have 42 International Sawyer Distributors in 36 countries who sold over 15,000 Sawyer filters in 2013.  Another 60,000 were distributed through our Sawyer Representatives.
  • Jan and I are fully engaged in this work/ministry.  This is three times what we did the previous year in 2012.
  • Our goal in 2014 is to double what we did in 2013:  To have 60 Sawyer Representatives working by the end of the year, selling with over one million in locally generated sales.  This does not include what is sold in the USA and exported around the world which is many times that.
  • The first international trip has already been made in 2014.  This was to Belize.
  • March 7 – 17 I will be in Uganda and Kenya making connections with key players working with the continuing refugee situations in Eastern Congo and Southern Sudan.
  • Lou’s focus is now including direct sales to some of the larger NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) and UN agencies.
  • Jan and I are looking at how we can include other life enhancing products that save lives.  Examples are solar power, high efficiency wood and charcoal stoves and partnering with other faith based initiatives around the world.
  • There is growing interest on the part of our children and extended family to become engaged in this ministry and work.  We are seeking a lot of prayer and wisdom on this front.
  • This year I hope to take two of our grandsons along on a trip to Africa.
  • We are trying to practice what we preach in environment consciousness.  Toward that end, in December we installed a 4.5 KW solar system to cover 50% of our total electrical needs.

Over the holidays one congregation and several individuals gave us funds to personally deliver and install water filters to vulnerable families  in the post Philippine disaster.  We love it when these opportunities, resources, needs, and the right people come together.  Some people call them “God moments.”  It seems to me that God is in it all.

Solar Power
Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, notes, and support in the critical effort to implement clean and safe water around the world.  Give one of the greatest gifts imaginable – the gift of safe water.  It’s hard to believe that 1.1 billion people still don’t have safe water.  But you can change a child’s life forever!



Business Connect works closely with Partners Worldwide creating a sustainable business model.  As an affiliate of Partners Worldwide you can purchase a water filter for someone with a tax deductible gift to Partners Worldwide.

Go to the Partners Worldwide website, click on the large orange DONATE NOW button.  Once you are on the donate page, scroll down to Gift Designationand choose Type: Support a Partnership, then in the next drop down box: selectWorldwide Water Projects.   We look forward to implementing your wishes.  A check to Business Connect would not be tax deductible.

     Lou & Jan 

    Business Connect


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Business Connect features a wide assortment of essential and environmentally safe life-enhancing products to benefit families in crisis living in developing countries.

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