In May I was in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  I knew no one in that country.  Today we have a Sawyer Representative, Mahamadi Tinta, who is assembling, marketing, and distributing the Sawyer Point One Bucket Filter (SP180).  He made his first order of 250.  This has been followed with two Compassion International orders of  7,057.   Check out the pictures and narrative just received from Mahamadi.  In a couple weeks I will follow this up with some pictures and stories of what has happened after the delivery.“Hi
Through these pictures you can understand our delivery process.

Before delivery, we bring the  team leaders of beneficiaries to a training meeting. We show them how necessary filters are with a demonstration with well water and the municipal water supply. They were surprised to notice that there is a physical and obvious difference between the Sawyer filtered water and the national company water.  Then we asked each participant to assemble all the parts by themselves and they did.  They were now more than ever convinced of the need for the Sawyer filters.

We come back to Ouagadougou (the capital city) and start to assemble all of the filters. We made two teams of three persons per team to assemble parts. Two others used the power drill to make the holes in the buckets and lids, where the filters will be attached.

After we assembled the different  parts with the filter, drilled the holes in the buckets, we packed it and stored everything in boxes, packing everything in a truck for delivery to Fade (beneficiaries location).  The final assembly of filters/buckets and spigots/buckets is done at the delivery location. This is to facilitate transportation.  I will send more pictures in my next message.
Regards, Mahamadi”



At this time of the year I make myself available for speaking and demonstrating the Sawyer technology.  If your church, club, or family would like to remember someone with a water filter ($100.00 each) I would be happy to arrange having it delivered  anywhere in the world and make sure you receive a photo and short three sentence description of who received it.  Some people like to give such a gift in the names of their grandchildren or in the names of their grandparents.  Please drop me a line ( and Jan and I will make that happen.



Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, notes, and support in this critical effort to implement clean and safe water around the world.



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Business Connect works closely with Partners Worldwide creating a sustainable business model.  As an affiliate of Partners Worldwide you can purchase a water filter for someone with a tax deductible gift to Partners Worldwide.

Go to the Partners Worldwide website, click on the large orangeDONATE NOW button.  Once you are on the donate page, scroll down to Gift Designation and choose Type: Support a Partnership, then in the next drop down box: select Worldwide Water Projects.   We look forward to implementing your wishes. A check to Business Connect would not be tax deductible.

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