Business Connect continues to represent Sawyer Products around the world.  We are in the following countries: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Philippines, India, Thailand and expanding with additional distributors in two of the above countries plus Trinidad, Pacific Rim, and Nepal.

We are actively seeking to expand in El Salvador, Indonesia, Congo, Burkino Faso, and Mexico.  I want to see our total number of distributors grow to 40 in 2013.  After attending the closing session of Partners Worldwide in November I would like to say 50 countries.  Those of you who were there will know to what I am referring

Jan and I are healthy and anticipating expanding and growing our work with Sawyer in 2013.  We are so grateful that God has granted us this opportunity.

It is the simple emails, pictures, and stories that excite our souls.  See below.  Just take a look and celebrate with us.

Sawyer Filters (4000) in a Syrian Refugee Camp in Turkey

We can still offer you a way to bless a family with a water filter in the name of someone you love.  Send a filter to a country or family of your choice at a low cost of $55.00.  Some churches send a Sawyer filter to each of the missionaries they support for them to use or give away.  Just go to and make your order by clicking onCHRISTMAS GIFT 2012.  We will do our best to get a picture of the recipient family.

 May your Spirit be blessed with the celebrations of the season; your body energized and remain healthy in spite of all the rich food, and your family encouraged by purposeful living.  As the Angel said to Mother Mary so long ago, “You have found favor with God…” That is our prayer for you and us in this season.  Merry Christmas Indeed!

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Business Connect features a wide assortment of essential and environmentally safe life-enhancing products to benefit families in crisis living in developing countries.

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