The following came from Eli Toribio our Sawyer Representative in the Philippines:

“This is a testimony of a Village Health Worker (VHW) named Lerma Lanceta as interviewed by church and community volunteer Carlo Reforma: Sawyer water filters are a big help to the people/families temporarily staying and living in Malinta Village Evacuation Center. It is a very big help because cases of water born diseases disappeared. When Sawyer filters were not yet installed there were cases of diarrhea with fever and it was suspected that it’s because of dirty drinking water. One week after the filters were installed there were no reported cases of waterborne diseases up to the present time. There is no data being reported now because there are no cases to report which is very different from the experience during Typhoon Ondoy disaster of 2009 where there were so many cases of waterborne diseases. And because of this, the Village Health Worker’s work is lighter now and much easier than before. The VHW further added that she hopes that even after this disaster, Sawyer Filters will still be used by the community so that water born diseases will surely be reduced.”

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