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Business Connect is introducing in this newsletter an opportunity to assisteven more people. If you are struggling to find the right Christmas gift for your loved one, give a gift of clean water in their name. Your gift can live on everday in the lives of children and families.
Go to our website,  and purchase a gift card under the tab ChristmasGift which is a Sawyer Point One Water Filter and we will send it to a person in need. For one low cost you can change the world one gift at a time.

This is what people are saying about the Sawyer Point One filter in their own words. A cup of cold (clean and safe) water anyone? You can be the one bringing that cup of water to someone. Read on…


WATER AMBASSADORS CANADA is dedicated to providing clean drinking water in the world. “In the Congo, in 2009 typhoid was 14% of consultations, and in 2011 it is 3%.  That looks like good evidence that the Sawyer filters are working.  We asked the families who share the filter “How many people are using the filter?” and “How do you feel?”  In EVERY case, the person questioned put their hand on their tummy and said “The diarrhea is gone.”

HONDURAS:  “We see signs of improved health in the poorest children:  kids we have known for years as listless, underweight, and constantly complaining of parasite symptoms, now show signs of thriving.  Their moms and teachers tell us they see a remarkable difference.”  Sister Larraine Lauter


“We have seen the following impact in the lives of the households using only filtered water:Significant reduction in diarrhea (especially among children), reduction in repeat intestinal worm infections (we advise de-worming after the family has switched entirely to drinking filtered water and an overall improvement in the family’s health.” -Dr. Ravi Jayakaran


WAVES FOR WATER: We arrived in Tokyo on April 5th at 7:15pm. We had 100+ Sawyer filters with us. What we encountered upon first light will be engrained in my memory forever. Apocalyptic is the only word that comes to mind… There was not a soul in sight… just complete utter devastation…. tanker ships in the middle of roads…” –


In one case we saw an elderly woman washing clothes by hand in her driveway. The elderly woman’s daughter, also a mother (of three younger children who were helping as well), was the subject of our filter bucket demonstration. We explained our mission and then offered her family a system. She looked at us and started to cry. She asked us why her…? Why her family? What did they do to deserve this help? It is these touching moments that symbolize everything we do and why we do it…”  Jon Rose

Business-Connect is also an affiliate of Partners Worldwide. If you would like to support this work with a tax deductable gift to Partners Worldwide, Please designate it: Worldwide Safe Water

A one-time donation of $50.00 or a monthly contribution will provide clean water for a family. Go to the Partners Worldwide website , click on the large orange DONATE button.  Once you are on the donate page, scroll down …. there is a little box where it says “click this box to enter details….”  Write in Worldwide Safe Water and make a donation. We look forward to your involvement.

    Lou & Jan 

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