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The following was received from our Haiti distributor:


“Hi all – I’ll be in Haiti next week with Jon (for two weeks) to complete CI project and to do our NIKE ‘Game Changer’ project – which adds soccer balls to our bucket filters . . .  after clean water, this is the best thing we can bring to the kids. With no money,resources or prospects, they can kick a ball around a dirt lot and have fun.

Upon my return to Uganda & Kenya in July, along with our shipment of water filters (1000), we will be bringing 80 soccer balls donated by NIKE. Every RainCatcher school will be receiving these.

Over the years we have been bringing our clean-water systems to school children throughout the world.  At the center of every school is a soccer pitch.
Students play with a homemade ball that looks like this.
When we leave an area, kids no longer have to drink water that looks  this:

safe water + real soccer balls = smiles like this.


No more gambling:48

In the areas we bring safe water to, the daily task of fetching drinking water is akin to playing Russian Roulette: Put in a single bullet, spin the cylinder, point the pistol at your head, pull the trigger . . . and hope it isn’t your day to die.

Here is the success of what we do:

In each area where we have completed the design, funding, transporting and installation of our clean watersystems, we have effectively removed that bullet from the gun.

We are motivated by this truth:

It is unacceptable that kids all around the world must play Russian Roulette every time they ta46
ke a drink of water.  In some remote regions the child mortality rate from bad water at times has been as high as 50% – (before five years of age – because immune systems have not fully developed yet). That puts us at Vegas style roulette odds for black/white – odd/even bets.

If Barack Obama’s father had been on the losing side of that daily childhood bet, our country would not have it’s 44th president. When we protect innocents, when we reduce suffering and help keep kids in the lineup, it’s no longer about numbers, it’s about destiny”.  J

A one-time donation of $50.00 or a monthly contribution will provide clean water for a family. Go to the Partners Worldwide website , click on the large orange DONATE button.  Once you are on the donate page, scroll down …. there is a little box where it says “click this box to enter details….”  Write in Worldwide Safe Water and make a donation. We look forward to your involvement.

    Lou & Jan 

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