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The following email was received from Pakistan:


“We purchased and installed ten large (10 inch) water filters during our visit late last year. Please send me 20 more of these units to arrive by Friday……”


Nearly 20,000 students are drinking clean water in schools in Karachi since we installed Sawyer filters earlier this year; they say “Thank You”.

Watch this two minute video –  Why Water?
The impact of clean water on the lives of children and the future, their ability to feel well and have more energy, the greater productivity of family is immeasurable.  The next time you turn you tap on, just thank the good Lord.
Please write a monthly check to Partners Worldwide.  The address is 6139 Tahoe, Grand Rapids, MI 49546.  Just put the word WATER on your check.  This will be used to develop small scale businesses to provide pure water around the world.  Thank you.  It is the right side up thing to do.  You will understand that statement after you have watched the video
A one-time donation of $50.00 or a monthly contribution will provide clean water for a family. We look forward to your involvement.

    Lou & Jan 

    Business  Connect

Water Demonstration

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