As I dipped my plastic water bottle into the clear and rapidly running water I was surprised to hear the outcry of my hosts. Earlier in the morning we had demonstrated the use of the Sawyer filter.  Taking water from a hose which was the first running water these ten houses had ever had, we filtered it.  From a brownish yellow to crystal clear, the outward appearance was impressive.  What was harder for our hosts to believe was thefact that all the bacteria was also gone.


After I had filled my bottle and drank deeply, I noticed the feathers where a chicken had earlier been butchered.  Then I was told this stream came through five other villages nearby where laundry was done, children swam, animals drank, ablutions made, waste was washed away.  Now five days later, my health is excellent.  No upset stomach or cramps.

Nothing we said demonstrated or explained in the literature, did more to convince our hosts that this filter is the genuine thing.  For the next couple of days every person we talked with, this story was told.  What was better than this, is when children and adults no longer have cramps and diarrhea.

On this week long trip to Guatemala and Nicaragua we met with a number of non-government organizations (NGOs) and a couple commercial businesses who might be interested in marketing these filters.  As we are sitting in the Managua Airport, Natalie, my daughter reminded me of something we had said while meeting with the staff of Operation Blessing and Compassion International:  “There is no reason in today’s world that anyone should die or be sick because of contaminated water!”  Indeed.


You can be part of the solution.  Your gift of $50.00 is tax deductible and can be given on line at or sent to 6139 Tahoe, Grand Rapids, MI 49549.  Please note on your gift that that this is for water filters in Pakistan.  Thank you!  Lou

After our last newsletter many people wrote and asked exactly how they can help. 
A one-time donation of $50.00 or a monthly contribution will provide clean water for communities around the world. We look forward to your involvement.

    Lou & Jan 

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