December is a month of reflection.  We think about the year that is
passing as we look forward to a new year and new possibilities.  We
think about our families and how much joy they bring to our lives. 
We think about those less fortunate and wonder what we can do to
help make their lives better. Below we are forwarding an email sent
out by Sawyer Products on how we can do just that.

December, 2010E-Newsletter Update from Sawyer Products
Just a year shy of the tragic earthquake, Haiti finds itself amidst another disaster that has potential to be just as deadly as the earthquake if action is not taken quickly. That disaster is the spread of Cholera, a bacterial infection that can kill a person within a few hours if not treated.The latest numbers from the Ministry of Health in Haiti state over 1,400 people have died from Cholera and over 60,000 have been sickened by the disease. Early estimates by the WHO of 200,000 people contracting the disease have now sky rocketed to over 400,000 people.

Cholera is primarily contracted by drinking contaminated water.Sawyer Point ONE Filters remove 99.99999% of bacteria and protozoa including the bacteria that causes Cholera.The filters are already in Haiti.  Now we need your help.
Water for Everyone
How to Purchase

We know this goal is only reachable by partnering with many organizations. Currently we are working with: Partners In Health; J/PHRO; UN Minustah Military; UN-Community Violence Reduction; UN-Civil Affairs; Zanmi Lasante; Compassion International, International Childcare Ministries, and a variety of NGO’s, private donors and churches.

We have a secure warehouse with thousands of filters, buckets, and trucks ready to deliver

the filters where they are most needed.

These are community clean-water systems as well as home units. One

filter can easily provide safe drinking water for at least 100 people a day.

17It’s simple. The filters and buckets are already in Portau Prince,  they just need to be picked up (delivery isavailable as well depending on quantity and location ofdrop off).

If you have staff in country or are sending a team to

Haiti and are interested in scheduling a pick-up,

please contact Amy Reed at for details.




Our in country partner Waves for Water is working non-stop

to distribute filters to the needy. You can help by making a

donation of $50 for a clean water system. Your $50 donation includes the filter,

bucket, assembly and delivery.  They also teach the recipients how to set up, use

and how to get maximum clean-water production from each unit.

To make a tax-deductible donation visit,

click donate, and make a note when checking out that your donation is for

immediate distribution in Haiti.

Within hours of your donation, a filtration system will be delivered.

Now is the time to give so more people can live. 
Blessings in this Christmas season.
    Lou & Jan Haveman
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